Pava Wülfert was born in Ibague-Colombia. His work is strongly based in painting, sculpture and installation. Recent practice addresses the painting as an experimental laboratory in which he can explore all his pictorial techniques. His paintings play with combinations of inscriptions, fragment, diversity, heterogeneity, multiculturalism, interculturality, hybridization, mixture, recycling, migration, stains, error and lines as tools for the creation of a new concept of landscape and figure.
Pava Wülfert has had shows in Usa, Denmark, Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia.

Education: UPC, Architecture, Bogotá, Colombia

Abstract Aestetics / GALLERY CRILLON - Tokyo, Japan
Abstraccions / artrewards - Oslo, Norway
Best paintings 2021 / Saatchi art Gallery - Los Angeles, USA
50 Works, 50 Countries / Saatchi art Gallery - Los Angeles, USA
The Primary Colours Collection / artling gallery - Singapore
Collection Artworks if You Like Wassily Kandinsky / artling gallery - Singapore
Colección Una selección de obras maestras / Singulart - Paris, France
Colección Vera Betran / Singulart - Paris, France
Spring 2 Abstracts / Saachiart - Los Angeles, USA
Spring 2021 the color catalog / Saachiart - Los Angeles, USA
Spring Collection / return on art gallery - Vienna, Austria
MONDAY COLLECTION, return on art, - Vienna, Austria
BEIGE AESTHETIC, return on art, - Vienna, Austria
SPRING COLLECTION, return on art, - Vienna, Austria
Inspired by Bernar Venet, Singulart, - Paris, France
Loft in NY, Singulart, - Paris, France
Cosmos Of Light, Zeel Studio Gallery - Miami, USA

Bright and Beautiful / Artling Gallery - Singapore
Large Artworks/ Artling Gallery - Singapore
Abstract Art / Artling Gallery - Singapore
Monochrome art / Singulart Gallery - Paris, France

«Simple. Painting, space, sign, gesture, line, plane, color, surface, shape,

point, stroke, sensations. Things»

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