Syugir Buluktaev (born in 1994) is a contemporary Russian artist. Syugir was born in the Republic of Kalmykia in southern Russia, which is the only Buddhist region in Europe. The vast open steppes of his homeland, nomadic culture, horses, and tulips, which are symbols of the republic, are important elements of Syugir's inspiration. However, despite the ethnic elements in his painting, Syugir possesses a very unique contemporary brushstroke, influenced by his education at a European university (Syugir graduated from the Design Faculty at the University of Liberec in the Czech Republic).

Syugir's works are held in private collections around the world and exhibited in galleries and museums.
2023 (Solo exhibitions)
Horse-Tulip, SISTEMA GALLERY, Moscow
2017 (Solo exhibitions)
The Planet of the Little Prince, National Museum of the Republic of Kalmykia, Elista, Russia.
2019 (Group exhibitions)
Must Have Ma$terpieces / Monte Pacis – Kaunas, Lithuania
2022 (Group exhibitions)
Dreamcast, Lazy Mike Gallery, Moscow
2021 (Group exhibitions)
Bad, National Library Amur-Sanan, Elista, Russia
2021 (Group exhibitions)
Open Challenge, Novaya Iskrennost Gallery, Moscow
2021 (Group exhibitions)
Give us Constructivism!, Museum of Fashion, Moscow
2021 (Group exhibitions)
Hookrinx, Here Gallery, Moscow
2020 (Group exhibitions)
Merry Carousel, Here Gallery, Moscow
2019 (Group exhibitions)
Attic, House of Culture MIIT, Moscow
2019 (Group exhibitions)
Cat, Artplay, Moscow
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